I had an interesting conversation today.  The Lord keeps stretching me.   I listen and respect

everyone’s views but sometimes I just do NOT agree. 

I had a conversation with a Dominican woman today.  The Dominican is 2nd generation in America.  She felt as though she should be entitled to reparations because of the racism/discrimination/prejudice she (and her family) has endured... after she proclaimed (proudly?!) that her ancestors were not subjected to slavery.

I’m sorry she’s experiencing these things here but you are choosing to be here and we all need to realize that every choice = a privilege!

She went on to say that African Americans who are descendants of people who were slaves have been in America longer and so have an advantage over immigrants like her (what kind of reasoning?!).  You can not compare these two groups! The foundation is completely different!

My Grandfather paid for his house in Evanston, IL twice because of racist housing laws in Chicago. He’s passed away. Our family does not own it anymore.  This story isn’t unique to my family. 

There are stories for days about the systemic affects of racism and discriminatory practices on AfAms within the context of wealth accumulation (or lack of), housing, education and work. 

She thinks reparations is mostly about the economic disparity that exists between whites and (everyone else that checks AfAm when it’s beneficial??).   She thinks that it should be used to help close a wealth gap between whites and (everyone else that checks AfAm when it’s beneficial??). Ridiculous. 

This isn’t about opportunity today. This is about the opportunities that were never available to African Americans because America had and still has a systemic problem.  

America was built on the backs of our AfAm ancestors. Our free labor, not offered, but taken, built this economy.  

If you know about the Holocaust and you know about Pearl Harbor, you for dang sure should know about colonization, slavery, civil rights and its lasting effects on the AfAm people in THIScountry. 

What a slap in the face to all AfAms who have been here for generations and have fought over and over and over for equal rights, opportunities, and pay. 

Every minority in this country has benefited from the movements my ancestors have led and we are still pushing for equality in our respective environments.  In fact, now we have taken it a step further to fight for equity! 

Knowledge is power.  Please read a book and think before you speak.  If you don’t know something, don’t say anything.  Learn when to listen.  

I am not offended by this ignorance but I am appalled.  If 1 thinks this way, I’m sure there are many that do also.  It’s unsettling. 

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